September 27, 2016



Precigem is an established name in diamond manufacturing-cutting and polishing since last thirty five years. Starting from small sizes and single cut (8/8 cut) in early eighties, we diversified into sizes up to 0.69 carats in different shapes like round, marquise, pear, oval etc.

We are constantly upgrading and innovating to meet the highest technical standards for better efficiency. We produce the best possible make from rough diamond by minimizing the losses in cutting and polishing any stone, achieving optimum yield and value for our patrons.

We also trade and fulfill bulk requirements of our client during peak season time in specific sizes/diameter in shortest time possible. Our efficient management of purchases, manufacturing, administration, finance and distribution of polished diamonds make us competitive in prices and delivery schedules to utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Our main product line is ‘cut and polished’ diamonds in the range of 0.01carats to 3.00carats in the following cuts:-

  • Round brilliant cut
  • Marquise
  • Pear

And other elegant shapes from ‘D’ to ‘P’ colors and IF to pique grades.
We also provide goods in fancy colors like pink, canary yellow, orange, brown etc. subject to availability (below 1.00carats).
Specific sizes according to weight or diameter can also be considered as per availability.
Each stone is manufactured under strict quality control according to its merits at affordable rates so that goods can be supplied to our clients at competitive prices.
We also supply “diamond/precious stones” studded jewellery of excellent designs and finishing in rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants etc.


Every diamond sold by us is graded by our in house team of trained gemologists.In case of certified stones grading is done by reputed laboratories.

Few characteristics of grading are as below


  • Diamonds come in various shapes. Some of the popular ones are
  • Round,Marquise,Pear,Heart,Princess,Oval.Diamond Shapes


  • Clarity is a measure of number and size of imperfections that are found in diamonds.
  • FL,IF-No external or internal imprfections.
  • VVS1,VVS2- Difficult to see imperfections under 10X magnification.
  • VS1,VS2- Imperfections not visible to naked eye.
  • SI1,SI2- Imperfections are visible under 10X magnification and may be visible to naked eye.
  • I1,I2,I3- Imperfections are heavy and visible to naked eye.

Diamond Clarity


  • Cut is a diamonds most important characteristic.It determines the sparkle of diamond.
  • The various grades of cut are Excellent,Very Good, Good and Fair.



  • Colour refers to grading the whiteness of a diamond.
  • D is the highest colour grade and Z is the lowest.


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