September 27, 2016

About US


  • One of the world’s leading privately owned diamond trading companies
  • A family corporation with over 37 years of experience
  • We use a combination of Traditional Skills and Technical Expertise
  • Dedicated to developing strong relationships with our clients
  • Our company employs over 350 people directly and indirectly

Diamond Trading

  • We buy rough diamonds from several countries including Belgium, South Africa, Ghana and Brazil
  • We have clients all over the world in countries like Germany, United States, Belgium, South Africa, Japan and Italy

Products and Services

  • Our main product line is between 0.01-0.69 cts
  • We are specialized in Round Brilliant Cut, and also sell Marquise and Fancy shapes of White, Top Light Brown and Top Light Silver Cape colors
  • Grading is done in two main categories
    • White PQs
    • Black PQs (Natts)


  • Precigem is known for it’s precise grading, fine make and dependable supply
  • Our trained staff and technical expertise allows us to produce diamonds in an efficient manner with an optimal yield
  • Our Large-scale production provides reduced costs
  • Allows us to provide our customers with best value and exceptional quality


  • Precigem manufactures pendants, rings and earrings. Diamonds used in our jewellery are precisely graded and cut diamonds from our own product line.
  • We manufacture various kinds of jewellery in 14kt – 22kt gold, from our own designs as well as designs provided to us by clients.


Founder and Managing Partner

Mr. Kaushik M. Mehta is the founder and managing partner of Precigem.

He had a bright academic career and later in 1971, he joined the diamond trade, learning in the best way there is – actually cutting and polishing diamonds as an apprentice. In 1977, he started – M/s Precigem.

Widely travelled, Mr. Mehta has visited all the world’s major diamond centers and has close business contacts especially in Europe, Japan, U.S.A, Hong Kong and far eastern countries.

He was elected as chairman of The Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council in December 1989. He held office till end of 1991. During his chairmanship, Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council expanded “India International Jewellery Show” (I.I.J.S.), a flagship trade fair of India. The “Gold Control Act” was also abolished by Govt. of India during his tenure.

He participated in ‘The World Diamond Congress’ as leader of Indian delegations several times. He led Indian delegations for sourcing of rough diamonds from Canada, Democratic republic of Congo and Ghana. He initiated rough diamonds conference “Mines to Market” in Mumbai under Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council & was chairman of the 1st conference in year 2000.

He was also elected as Vice President of Bharat Diamond Bourse and he held that position from year 2001 till 2008. He was part of the team of members who made “Bharat Diamond Bourse”, a complex for Gems & Jewellery trade with 4200 members, 2400 offices in an area of 2 Million Square feet comprising of all trade related facilities like trading hall, custom clearings areas, banks, restaurants, medical center, consumer stores etc.

Mr. Mehta also is the Director of Adamas Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.

Precigem is a Member of:

  • Bharat Diamond Bourse
  • Gem And Jewellery Export Promotion Council
  • Japan External Trade Organization
  • India Trade Promotion Organization
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